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TRITEX is a long established family business which  began in the 1960’s under the name of Rata Home Textiles, supplying souvenirs and home textiles to retail customers.

In the mid 1980’s we expanded our product range to include fashion accessories and at that time the company name was changed to Tritex. More than 30 years later, and as the name suggests, three distinct divisions evolved: Homewares, Fashion Accessories and Souvenirs.

With over 50 years experience in this area we have been at the forefront of the massive changes seen in the New Zealand market through our housebrand HOT HOUSE. Directed by Andrew Kelly this division prides itself on producing high quality contemporary designed product at prices customers can afford.

Under the original RATA name our select range of perennial strong sellers consistently outperforms in this category. Allied to this is the timely introduction of seasonal and event themed souvenirs as opportunities arise, which strengthen the offer and help freshen the range. Under the direction of Andrew Kelly, we are dedicated to ensuring our product range continues to be attractive to New Zealands varied and growing tourist market.

This division is directed by Jenny Dybvig who has a long background in the accessories area. Jenny has very good taste and has that inborn ability to be able to simply pick out nice things.Under her established housebrands, Alice & Lily,Shackelford and Head Start, her objective is to perform to a standard where her customers can depend on her to consistently present lovely collections on a season by season basis, which are affordable and provide strong customer appeal.  Her approach to quality is uncompromising with her choice of New Zealand and overseas suppliers totally dependent on being able to perform in this area.She is continually looking for opportunities to source new ranges, choose fabulous designs and colours for an upcoming season, while talking to her retailers and asking more of her suppliers.

Business Approach
As a family business our reputation is of the utmost importance and we see the maintenance of the highest ethical standards as essential in all our business dealings.
We want you to be able to depend on us to consistently supply the right product at the right price and at the high level of service and quality you require.
Of equal importance is the fun we have doing great business with many great customers, as friendships built around  business make the day worthwhile, and we hope you enjoy any personal or day to day contact you may have with us, as much as we sincerely do with  you. 
Jenny and Andrew

Andrew 021 487 110
Jenny    027 278 6550

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